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Registration (, 18 ). Step Registration email .
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Having registered, you receive the account (account), and after that, you can sell the goods on a site.

To expose prize
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To sell, you should and enter on auction under the password, after  to click on button To expose prize, then, you will get on page on which you can choose the general category of the goods or services which your goods concern. keep in mind that then you should choose a subcategory as no goods can be sold, without having chosen a subcategory. you should place the goods in c, approaching for it.

The second step  input of details of auction. you should write the name and the prize description necessarily. after press "the following step"

The third step- parameters of adjustment of auction. there you fill the fields necessary to you.
There you  can load a photo of your goods free of charge under condition of observance of next sizes of a file of a photo: 150format jpeg.

You can choose the initial price, make active or not function to buy now or, at desire, to establish floor price. you also can choose type of step-by-step increase in rates: 1) to use the built in table of an increment of rates  this type of step-by-step increase, is regulated by a site. 2) regulated - at a choice of this type, you should enter the sum of increase in rates (step). can, at desire, activate function a prize picture is placed on the main page, in this case your auction will be located on the main page, and also to choose period of validity of your auction. delivery and payment. you establish a kind of delivery and payment on which you agree. further press the following step, you will get on 
The fourth StepWhere you can see the auction before sending. if everything is all right, you can click to "send", and you will get on acknowledgement page.
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The reserve price it such price below which the prize cannot be sold.

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Function of tracing of prizes, allows you to trace any auctions, thus, not necessarily staking on them. this function allows you to be well informed passing () about auction () and to prepare you to make the advantageous rate at the last moment, before auction closing. you can trace any auction, having clicked on the button to trace this prize on page with details of any auction
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Function of tracing of auctions, informs you on new auctions which contain the keywords chosen by you. for example, you search for the camera olympus camedia c-5050. in "account", you can bring its name as keywords. each time at exhibiting of the auction containing these keywords, you will be informed by a site through email. you can bring some keywords.
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It is the internet - shop, you can place on it on on sale the various goods, also you can expose simultaneously the goods in shop and auction.
Of announcement
 1 Of announcement ?
It is a usual board of the announcement, you can place there the announcement if you for example want to buy any goods which is not present at present at auction etc.
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To see the numismatical catalogue, you should be registered at our internet auction, and after activization of your account, login and the password will be written you, for access to the catalogue "
Auction SibCoins by Pavels&Oleg
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