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   news - if to you do not come letters with activization at our auction!!! read it please...

   because by us it has been noticed that many letters with activization at our auction do not reach you. we want to finish to your data that this error is not connected in any way with work of our auction. it is an error of free post servers on which at you it is registered  The address, since in connection with spam considerable quantity on the internet, they define many letters, how spam and is blocked by mailing addresses from which letters including our letters with activization  Has been probably distinguished as spam have been sent. we have solved this problem with post server mail , and they has removed our address from the black list, in the near future we will try to solve this problem with other free post servers. for now these problems are not solved, we can advise to you at registration at our auction to try to use other your mail box. thanks for understanding.

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