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Create the site free of charge.


If  you have a desire to have the site on the internet but on what or to the reasons you do not presume to have to yourselves a paid site, address to us!

We can give to you:

1. the domain of the third level absolutely free of charge.
YoursName. (the example -forum.).
We will allocate to you  from 20 mb. places for your site. (the size of the allocated place depends on you want to open what site)

2. : < Name> - the size of a mail box of 10 mb.  

3. we will help you with installation of scripts.

                                  for place reception under your site:

1. the theme of your site should be interesting.

2. you should place a banner of our site on the site. 

3. on your site you cannot place:

- to start any software anyhow connected with irc;
- to scan ports of servers as it is regarded as attack or attempt of breaking of system of safety; ip the scanner it is automatically blocked. also the ip-addresses bearing threat of safety of the server if from such addresses mailing of viruses, flood, attack and the other actions having obvious harmful character is carried out are blocked;

- the placing of materials breaking copyrights;
- propagation, distribution and the maintenance on an account and in system directories of programs-viruses, means of breaking of programs, and other resources, capable to cause a damage to the third parties;
- the publication of the materials propagandising violence, war, racial enmity, overthrow of the power and other ideas of reactionary sense. - forums, chats. since we on a site have already a forum.

- to place the materials breaking the current legislation of the russian federation.

 the site administration reserves the right to itself at any time to bring specifications and additions in the presents of conditions, in due time notifying users. infringement by users of the present conditions will be qualified as non-observance of our conditions.

And we will be compelled to close your site without the prevention.


 if you were interested by our offer, and you agree with the conditions set forth above then send the demand for

Address in the demand you should specify the description and subjects of a planned site.

In a current of several days, your demand will be considered by us. and the answer will be sent you. 



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